The Female Perspective

 Dress 2 Die 4

Concerned at the current trend for models to be thinner and thinner, I made this ‘dress’ to highlight the dangers to the health of the models themselves and of all those girls who strive to be like them. Apparently the average female model now has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 16 . This is a standard medical recognised  ratio of height to weight. The World Health Organisation defines a BMI of 17 as being ‘significantly malnourished’ when allocating food and medical aid to individuals in disaster zones.

One of my concerns is the lack of regard for the welfare of girls in many cultures. They may be considered unworthy of education and their value seen solely in terms of child bearing and domestic work. ‘No Protection?’ is intended as a protest following the kidnapping of 276 school girls in Nigeria. This piece consists of ink drawings on exercise book paper veneered onto a found wooden panel complete with ‘bullet’ holes. This panel from a dismantled temporary structure represents the lack of protection afforded to the girls by their school and the authorities in their country.

This body of work is an ongoing project.