These reconstructed works have arisen out of my work on 'Mathematical Curves'. I have been reflecting on the feminine identity as  a social construct and more fundamentally the extent to which mathematics itself is a cultural construct also.

The starting point for each of these works has been one of my prints based on a mathematical curve; generally also with a female figure restricted by the curve in some way, signifying the intellectual and cultural restraints imposed by the discipline of mathematics. Each image has been deconstructed by cutting, and reconstructed; using collage, stitch or, remade  into a three dimensional object.  Sometimes the reconstruction ‘makes sense’, sometimes it does not. Some of my mathematical knowledge has, after some years,  been misremembered, deconstructed and then reconstructed, possibly into something altogether different.

Hopefully you will enjoy the look of these collaged prints irrespective of any deeper meaning they may have for me!
Four of these pieces have been exhibited in 'De-Construct/Re-Construct' an exhibition organised by Creative Exhibitors at Antlers Gallery in Quakers Friars, Bristol during October 2012.